They say “when one door closes another one opens”, but sometimes when doors close you just have to wait a little bit! I had started working to have a mobile store at woman’s conferences and non-profit events to help raise money for them since last summer.

I was pretty sure it was what God was calling me to do and even had a close family friend prophesy that God would have people come and approach me about coming to raise money for them! That seemed great but once I started pushing forward it felt like I was walking through tar.

After reaching out to over 80 conferences I was only able to book one last year. I was pretty down about it and didn’t know why it wasn’t going anywhere when I thought it was something God wanted me to do. Then March of this year I took a break from trying to book events to start working on wholesaling my line to boutiques. It took me about 3 months to get a wholesaling system in place and then once I launched it I received incredible favor from God and was able to get my line into 9 boutiques in 2 months!

At the beginning of August I decided to completely stop trying to get into events with my traveling store. I was exhausted from the endless calls only to finally be told they weren’t interested. My focus was fully on wholesale because that was working well. In the middle of August, just after I decided I wasn’t going to pursue events anymore, I was asked by three different conferences to come and set up a booth!

One contacted me and the other two were set up through one of my goods friends. I also booked three events that gave me the opportunity to speak and share my story at their event (just like my family friend had spoken over me).

I don’t know if I’ll book more next year, but I do know that God will bring the right people at the right time for the right purpose and that if I keep trusting Him, He will lead me to where He wants me to go. So if you feel God is calling you to do something and it’s not working, take time to pray about it and also be patient to wait because if God truly wants you to do it, at the right time it will happen.

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