You pull into the doctors office parking lot with a nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach, the one that comes along with most hospital visits…

You check in, wait, a friendly nurse calls you back and greets you with a warm smile & a couple minutes later, you’re greeted with a firm handshake from your doctor. The man who you’re hoping can give you advice and the answers you’re needing. Except, he can’t. Because all he can say is he’s done all he knows to do. You’re basically a question mark in his book. He apologizes and says he wishes he could do more, because he can sense the defeat you’re feeling & watches your eyes go from hopeful to saddened – Although you put all your trust in and hope into this knowledgeable doctor, he stilled failed your expectations.

Now I’m not here to write a sob story or push you down further into the grief you’re dealing with, Im about to do the opposite actually – I’m here to tell you there are going to be many many people & circumstances that don’t quite live up to your expectations. They are going to fail you. And then you’re back to square one.

Trust me friend, you’re not alone there.

Although it stings alol when you feel like your needs haven’t been met or things don’t go the direction you were hoping for… There is one solid fact you can lean into –

The Lord understands your struggles, weaknesses & yes, needs. Not only does He understand them, He wants to fulfill them.

So if you’re in a rough spot right now, here are some thoughts to cling to –

You’re not singled out.

You were not placed in this particular situation to just be defeated, feel pain, or suffer for no reason & you are not the only one in your boat. Jesus has a firm grip on you.

All of your struggles are for His glory.

Although it may not seem like anything possibly glorifying could come from it at this moment, but God works in simple and perfect ways & once He smooths out the waves you feel crashing & calms your storm to a whisper, you’ll know He put you through it for a reason.

He’s directing your path.

He knew what color shirt you would pick today & what flavor ice cream you’ll be eating for dessert tonight. He knew what your middle name would be when your mom was in college & that your favorite color when you turned 10 would be blue.

When you’re down and feeling like the weight of the world is too much, the Lord knows & He is the one that knows what your next steps hold.

It is good.

You might be thinking “what the heck is this… uhm, it is NOT good”.

It’s alittle vague, but there can be so much power to those 3 words if you allow it.

It’s a hard pill to swallow ~

Pushing down your pride and stubbornness, accepting that not everything is going to be peachy and go your way.

That almost A+.

The sought after “perfect” body.

The boyfriend.

The girlfriend.

The dream job you can see but can’t grasp.

Something materialistic.

The health problem you can’t get under control.

The broken family problems that leave you feeling hopeless.

All the questions in the world but no answers right away…

Remember this : He will never leave you, nor forsake you.

If something is burdening you right now and sucking out all of your energy, cling to those truths and know that it’s all temporary!! I hope at least one thing resonated to you & I pray It was an encouragement.

I was that girl in the doctors office a couple weeks ago. I know it is aggravating trying, trying & trying. Then failing, failing & failing. Sometimes ya kind’ve wish you could just pout in your sappy mess – God would say “My grace is sufficient for you” (2 Corinthians 12:9).

His timing is perfect – His presence is constant.

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