Our traveling team looks forward to being able to set up our mobile Talia Ann Store at organizational events



  • We give a select number of promotional items based on the size of the event.

  • We will provide a promotional video or slide show for the event coordinator to utilize so people can know who we are and what we do.

  • We will provide flyers and a poster 30 day before the event for promotional purposes.

Giveaway Items

We will donate a select amount of items to your event (this will vary based on event size.) You can use these items to attract people to your event or to just add a fun touch to the event.

The Mobile Store

The Talia Ann team can come and set up our small designer mobile store within a couple of hours. We have fashioned this mobile store to work around you and your space limitations or capabilities!

100% Profits Donated

We will donate 100% of our profits made at your event to you to help make your mission possible and affordable. Together we can make your event fun and affordable!

Events & Promotions

Boost your event by connecting with us, our expertise in setting up the entire event process will help you in a profitable way. Think no more, connect with us today.

Additional Fun We Can Add

There are countless reasons why our service is better than the rest, but here you can learn about why we're different.

Snapshots from our recent events