When Talia asked me to write for the blog, I literally wrote back and said “I have no idea what I would even say”. Truth is, I was ignoring something that has been super close to my heart because I’m in the midst of it right now.
Busy seasons. We all have them.
But for some reason, the mentality in 2019 seems to be “keep hustling”, “keep grinding”, or “don’t stop ‘til you get where you want to be”.
But truthfully, it’s been a busy season for us and I have come to really hate that mentality.
We recently bought a house that needed a TON of work, right in the middle of my husband switching jobs and hours. I always heard how much the renovation life can be tough on a marriage, especially because we did all of the work. Chip and Joanna are saints because I never want to do it again!
Now throw a two year old into the mix. I also work full time and run a business on the side. Talk about “hustle”. But if I didn’t pause from some things that weren’t filling my cup through all of this, there would be really important things that would in turn, take a toll. Things like being the best mom I can be, my marriage, or other relationships I value. For others, it could be health or academics.
So right now, in whatever busy season you may be going through, I want to give you permission to pause, because I did and ​i​t’s been so good. It has allowed me to figure out what my priorities are. It has allowed me to make sure that the things I’m doing are the way I want to spend my time and energy. And the most important thing is, it has allowed me to stay true to who I am and who I want to be. The sad thing is, at first, I didn’t feel like it was an acceptable thing to do because we live in a generation where “don’t stop til you get to the top” is the motto. I was completely burnt out.
The constant busy-ness of life or the “go, go, go” mentality isn’t what makes you successful; rest and reflection are very much critical parts.
Really, I would be losing my mind if I didn’t say no to things that weren’t filling my cup (still learning the art of saying ‘no”). Or take a step back from things that were taking away from my family. And the reality is, we can’t give to others or our jobs or our schoolwork if we aren’t first filled up.
A few things that have helped me in this season and may help you be more cognizant of taking a pause-
1. Start your day with quiet time, whatever that may look like for you. For me, it’s spending time reading devotions and talking to Jesus. It prepares my heart for the day ahead. It is also the only way I feel peace and rest in a busy, overwhelming, and sometimes anxious season. I really encourage some type of quiet practice to start your day.
2. Time-block. Trust me, I am still working on this! But there is something freeing about blocking your time in segments so you don’t worry about things you “should” be doing while you’re doing other things. It allows undivided attention with family. It also allows the same for getting tasks completed when the time is set aside for these things.
3. Communicate. That could mean to the people or things in your life that you need to say “no” to or set boundaries with. Or maybe with your husband, a family member, a boss or upline about a decision to step back from something.
Remember that it’s in these seasons where character is built and God is always working. So instead of trying to hustle through them and burning yourself out, try to pause and figure out your priorities. And in a world where it may not be the norm, I’m giving you permission.
Xoxo, Lauren
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Lauren Miller

Lauren Miller