Writing used to be something that I loved to do. It was fun for me and it was a way to let my voice be heard. However, recently it’s been harder and harder for me to write words. I try and I end up right where I started… a blank page. 

You see, I started a blog about 3 years ago after much debate about whether I could do it or not. It also seemed like too much of a cliche, because that’s what everyone else was doing and I probably wouldn’t be as good at it. Nonetheless I pushed myself to just do it and I started an Instagram page along with it that was intentional and for the purpose of inspiring other women. 

But this year has been hard in so many ways. I’ve began to feel that feeling again of not being good enough. I’ve began to feel like I can’t share my heart if I’m struggling so much myself. I mean who wants to hear from someone who doesn’t have their life together? (The truth is none of us have it all together, but you know that feeling right?) On top of all of that, I actually had to put my blog’s website on the back burner simply because of the cost. That was hard. Mostly because I knew I was going to have to tell people that it was going to be offline for the foreseeable future.

So when I was asked to write a guest blog post I was first of all honored, but secondly I wanted to say no. I was immediately rushed with all of these feelings of not being good enough and thinking I wouldn’t have the right words to say and feeling like an imposter if I was going to write something worth reading. But I said yes, because I felt like I needed to. It was time to tackle this giant that is imposter syndrome. It was time for my voice to be heard again. So while I don’t have it all figured out, I’m on this journey of growth and continual progress. I’m working to learn more and opening up to share that with other people. And that is what I’m doing today. I hope you’ll journey with me.

Imposter syndrome - a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a “fraud”.

I would venture to say many of you struggle with imposter syndrome as well. That feeling of “I’m not good enough to do this.” Or “who am I to do that?” I say a version of this to myself way too often. Imposter syndrome is what holds us back from living our life. It is the thing that keeps us from starting and the thing that makes us fear action. It paralyzes us to the point that we forget our purpose in life and that is a dangerous place to be.

So how do we overcome this nasty thing that we call imposter syndrome? How do we let go of that feeling that we aren’t good enough?

  1. Find your TRUE identity.

This is the most important step perhaps for your whole life. It is vital that we know who we are and whose we are. If you’re struggling to understand your identity, I would encourage you to meditate on a few scriptures. Read them over and over, everyday if you must, until you become truly aware of who you are. Our true identity can only be found in Jesus. He is the solid foundation that we need in our life. The thing that never changes even when life and emotions are wild.

A few key verses to meditate on:

  • 1 Peter 2:9
  • Genesis 1:27
  • John 15:16
  • Ephesians 2:10
  • Psalm 139:14

     2.  Stop hiding.

The worst thing that we can do when we’re going through any kind of struggle is to hide it. I know it seems like the natural thing to do, but honestly there is so much freedom in opening up and sharing that struggle with others. When we begin to talk about the things that are hindering us, we break down the walls that separate us and build up a community for relationship. Our struggles bring a sense of commonality and force us to lean on each other rather than pull us apart. 

So if you’ve ever asked yourself the question “who am I to ____” (fill in the blank) then I want to ask you who are you not to do that? Who are you not to fulfill that purpose in your life? Who are you not to face your fears? What if that thing you’re scared to do is the very thing that God has called you to do? 

It’s time that we band together and take down this mentality of imposter syndrome, because sister you are not an imposter. You are a child of the one true King. You have a purpose. You have a voice. It’s time to rise.

Your friend, Kelsea

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