5 Years Ago

I knew in my heart that I had to make a choice…..will you do; it will you not? I was so scared. Scared if I said yes I wouldn’t be able to, scared because I knew deep down that “NO” wasn’t an option. “Okay Lord, if you truly want me to raise $100,000 for people in need I will do it, but I don’t want to say yes and go home and not do it. So if it is truly what you want me to do help me take it home with me and not give up,” I prayed after resolving in my heart that if it’s was what he wanted then he would open the doors.

That prayer launched me into the craziest journey of my life. It was filled with an intense amount of trials and obstacles, but ended with raising $3,500 dollars and a vision for a clothing brand that was used to change lives.

    3 Years ago

“Wait, it’s actually here!” I jump excitedly after my dad told me that my first line of clothing arrived!! I couldn’t believe it! It had taken us months of emails and research on product, fabric, and designs. We even had to take a trip to China to meet with manufacturers.   Finally, after all the hard work, the new line arrived!!

That summer I was working two jobs and during my free time I was researching how to launch and run a company, counting inventory, and getting ready to finish my senior year of high school. It was a hard year for me because I was so close to being able to launch my brand, but all the doors kept closing that I needed to work to launch it. Looking back I definitely wasn’t ready and am so thankful that the Lord let me sit in this time of growth and waiting

    2 years ago

I woke up bright and early…well it wasn’t really bright, the sun still hadn’t come up. “TODAY’S THE DAY” I say to myself thrilled that my weeks of no sleep and constant work were about to pay off! Loading everything into my car I headed out to get everything set up for the Talia Ann launch party!

Right after my high school graduation I had a nudge in my spirit that it was time to launch my company. Finally, all the doors that wouldn’t open were opening, and within weeks we got everything put together to launch. I had so many friends and family members volunteer to help make our launch event more than successful.

Our launch party truly showed the vision I had for the future of my brand. I am still so thankful to those who volunteered or came to be part of our launching celebration. It meant more than anyone could know and was so fun to share my brand, “Talia Ann,” with everyone for the very first time!

What Happened Next:

OH Wow! SO SO much!! I had no idea the amount of work and craziness that would come my way once I launched. Our first year we partnered with two non-profits to do pop-ups and started a wholesaling program to boutiques.

  • FIRST FALL: we raise over $1,000 dollars for our cause.
  • FIRST BIRTHDAY we launch Talia Ann exclusives, our line of one of a kind designs with limited quantity. At that point we had raised almost $2,000 dollars
  • LAST FALL:Our Talia on the Go traveling store started picking up and we have been doing 1 or more events every month since. By the end of last year we had raised about $3,000 dollars.
  • JANUARY I was finally able to launch a project I had been working on for months!!! The Talia Ann blog!! It has been so much fun to get to partner with such amazing people!
  • LAST MONTH we launch monthly new arrivals. On every first week of the month we will be launching new arrivals!!
  • TODAY AUGUST 26th 2019 the 2nd birthday of our company we have raised $4,386

I can not thank you enough for your support and being part of this brand. I truly wouldn’t have made it this far without you!! As we go into our third year I’m believing we will do even more than ever before and I will be launching new programs and exciting items along the way!!

Lots of love,

Talia Cassell

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