So I did a photoshoot a few weeks ago and this was a REALLY BIG DEAL FOR ME.  Here’s why…
1. Four years ago I hated pictures. I didn’t like the way I looked. I wasn’t comfortable in my skin. I didn’t recognize the person staring back at me in the mirror. Pictures were a no go. A full stop situation. As a result, I missed out on participating in a lot of life and instead resided on the sidelines of my life.
2. Feeling uncomfortable in my skin was an understatement and my confidence was 0! A photoshoot of just me would have been pure torture.
3. I didn’t spend money on myself and photos cost money. I didn’t buy nice things for myself. I didn’t have a gym membership. I literally spent ZERO money on me. In my mind, I wasn’t worth the investment.
4. My kids were my biggest and most important priority. Me as a priority ranked nowhere. I literally wasn’t on my priority list.

Can we talk about how unhealthy this was? Can we talk about how poorly I was showing up for those who depended on me and loved me the most? Can we talk about how when you don’t make yourself a priority you model that to your kids you are trying to teach the exact opposite concept to? Can we talk about how if you don’t invest in yourself you can’t grow and become better for those around you, depending on you??

Four years ago an opportunity was placed in my path. One I just couldn’t say no too. And that opportunity led to another opportunity that I eventually said yes to because God placed it repeatedly on my heart. You see, life is a gentle teacher and will keep giving us the lessons to learn the things we need to learn to grow and we have to trust the One with the aerial view to guide that journey.

Because I trusted the path being placed before me, my life has literally done a 180 in the last 4 years and only a small part of that is the outside package and the weight loss that initiated the journey. Rather it’s about realizing I needed to be a priority. It’s about regaining my confidence and zest for life. It’s about deciding that I’m worth investing in. And guess what?? You are too. Start small by giving yourself some quiet time or some self-love with a lunch date with your favorite person or a nice walk in your favorite nature spot. But whatever you do start to love you. Find you. Invest in you. Become your priority so you can pour into all your other most important priorities. If you want to live a life of service this will allow you to do that on a whole new level. You deserve to be cared for just as you care for others.  You are WORTH it!

Bio: Kelli Floyd is a certified independent health and wellness coach living in Charleston, SC with her husband, 3 kids and 3 dogs. Her passion is to extend the gift she was given to others in order to assist them in transforming and empowering others to live their best lives. She can be found on Facebook as Kelli Meyer Floyd or IG as Kelli.Floyd.

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